Sharing Work

This year, Year 4 are going to spend time sharing the fantastic work they have created independently with members of the class.

Today Alex shared the play script she had written for the characters of Jemmy Button. Whilst Emily read aloud the diary entry aha wrote in role as Jemmy Button about the day the visitors came.

Well Done! 

Parent Morning

Thank you to all the parents who joined us today in Year 4 and took part in our Maths Lesson.

Today we looked at the place value of digits and using he digits we were given how many other numbers we could make using only them digits. After doing this, we then had to put me into ascending order.

It was great to see everybody working hard together.

Jemmy Button Freeze Frames

This week in Year 4 we have been studying our Power of Reading book Jemmy Button. 

In this lesson we explored characters thoughts from a scene in the story using freez frames. We froze in our positions whilst others brought us to life askin us questions about what we were thinking, how we were feeling and what was going through our minds as he characters.

We had fun taking part in role play and then developing out ideas into writing collaboratively.