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Sensory Description

In Year 4 today, we used our five senses to describe a peach. Thinks links with our Power of reading topic James and the Giant Peach which we have been studying about.

We got to describe what we saw, what the peach felt like, what it smelt like, the taste of the peach and texture in our mouths, as well as the sounds you could here like the crunch as you bite into it. 

We will use this  experience in our English lesson to write a diary entry as James climbing into the peach for the first time.

Food Chains

In Science this week, we have been learning about different types of food chains.

In order to demonstrate our learning, we took string and key words onto the playground and we had to figure out the producers and consumers. Doing this we found that some animals have a variety of food they can eat were as others are limited in their food choice. 

As well as this, we learnt that if an animal or producer was taken out of the food chain then there would be a negative impact on other animals and their survival. 

Wassily Kandinsky

In Art, we have been studying Russian painter Wassily. During this term, we have researched the artist and observed a range of paintings he has created as well as his style. After choosing a piece of his work that inspired us, we began to create our own version based on his design. In this lesson, we upleveled our work from drawing and shading to painting and brush stroke. 

Hot Seating

In RE, we have been learning about the Christmas Story. Today we looked at the Christmas story from the viewpoint of the Shepards. We created questions that we would want to ask them to find out new information. We explored ideas through hot seating.