Pudsey Bear

Yesterday morning, Year 4 and the rest of the school had a visit from Pudsey Bear who came to collect the cheque. The cheque was a representation of all the money Heygreen raised for children in need. 

We raised altogether £358!

Well done to everyone. 


This week, Year 4 has been planning and writing a recount of our Ancient Egyptian trip that took place last week. 

Year 4 have worked really hard at writing their recounts independently and have even begun editing their work by themselves and with their peers. 

The World Museum 

On Monday 13th November, Year 4 visited the World Museum as part of our History Topic Ancient Egypt. 

Year 4 had the opportunity to explore primary and secondary sources linked to Ancient Egypt.  We learnt all about the River Nile, Ancient and modern Egypt and the After life. 

It was a fabulous day and the Museum complimented how well behaved Year 4 had been.